MUWCI Talks Session 6.0- Dhruv Jain

MUWCI Talks Session 6.0- Dhruv Jain

In this 6th MUWCI Talk, Dhruv speaks about ‘The Voucher System’ and also, in the process, shows his love for Economics. 🙂 Great stuff! Do check it out. 🙂

MUWCI Talks Session 5.0- Anish Kirtane


Hello! In the fifth session of our very own MUWCI Talks, Anish talks, passionately, about Fig Wasps. Do watch it, in HD! 🙂

MUWCI Talks Session 4.0- Siddharth Atre

MUWCI Talks Session 4.0- Siddharth Atre

Hello! This is the link to Part 2 of the video. Enjoy! 

MUWCI Talks Session 4.0- Siddharth Atre

MUWCI Talks Session 4.0- Siddharth Atre

Hello! Thanks for visiting! Here’s Siddharth Atre talking about ‘Cloud Computing’. This MUWCI Talk is divided into 2 parts. The link given in this post redirects you to Part 1 of the video. Have fun! 

MUWCI Talks Session 3.0- Paresh and Chinmay

MUWCI Talks Session 3.0- Paresh and Chinmay

In this amazing MUWCI Talks Session, Paresh and Chinmay present an insightful opinion on the Jammu and Kashmir conflicts and help us explore the multiple avenues which exist to this issue and more! Have a look! 

MUWCI Talks Session 2.0- Harjasleen Malvai

MUWCI Talks Session 2.0- Harjasleen Malvai 

Harjasleen giving us her idea of an ideal society through this brilliant talk.

MUWCI Talks Session 1.0- Parikshit Sharma

MUWCI Talks Session 1.0- Parikshit Sharma

Parikshit giving us an insight into subjects and perspective through the example of Mathematics.


P.S- The ‘Math Studies’ reference is of good intention and in no circumstances have we thought of hurting anyone! Please take it in good humour.

MUWCI Talks Introduction

MUWCI Talks Introduction

Doesn’t need an introduction, does it? 🙂

Welcome Great People!

We are very delighted to be seeing you guys here!
Enjoy the knowledge you gain here and spread it!

-Parikshit and Yash (in alphabetical order 😛 )

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